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FORVER Intelligent Control
Remote management

Equipment Performance

●Developed for the PL.C control system of the permanent refrigeration unit. 

●It can realize active alarm reminder of mobile phone SMS, SMS query and dial query. 

●It has multiple Internet access methods: 4G, WIFI, and wired network.

●It collects related operating data of the refrigeration system and provides remote monitoring and fault diagnosis. 

●Anti-intrusion services such as high performance cloud security server, complete protection, Trojan killing, anti-violent cracking, and high-risk vulnerability repair.  The login security identifies abnormal and illegal logins and reports for interception.

●The user terminal devices can be viewed and modified (data) through web pages and APP clients. 

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Automatic Control System

●It can realize the even running of the compressor and improve the service life of the compressor;

●For hardwares, electrical apparatus elements from Siemens and other well-known brands are adopted;

●Simple human-machine interface, easy to operate, safe and reliable;

●Personalized PLC program, touch screen and PC configuration can be prepared according to different requirements of users;

●All alarm protection requirements are set in the control system. The unit is integrated with the terminal for control, with the function of remote control expansion, providing users with a more perfect control system.

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